Jack Brown

Jack Brown is an analyst with EES. He completed a Science degree with Monash University in mid 2003, with majors in Biology and Human Geography. Also during his time at University he started a computer and market research business and undertook a range of contact work. This included works for Edith Cowen University, the Organic Federation of Australia and the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Once finishing his degree, Jack worked for a time with BFP Consultants as a geotechnical consultant.

In 2010, Jack completed a coursework Masters degree at Monash University in Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management. During this time, he also became a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. He undertook his Masters degree on a part time basis, while continuing to work full time for EES. Jack is active in a volunteer business sustainability network called Business and the Environment (BATE), and regularly attends public forums held by the Grattan Institute and Melbourne Energy Institute.

Jack started with EES in August 2004, and since then has been responsible for a range of tasks including: project management, data validation; various stakeholder liaisons; research and report writing on a range of energy issues; primary data collection; data compilation, validation and analysis; industry support for online energy registration database issues; analysis and report compilation for various standby policy projects. He is also a primary author and analyst for the annual Greening Whitegoods report (available from www.energyrating.gov.au).

He was responsible for the project management, organisation and field measurements in a major periodical (5 yearly) national survey for E3, concerning the standby characteristics of Australian homes. He has completed this study twice, once in late 2005 and again more recently in 2010. For this project, the standby attributes of some 8,000 appliances in 120 homes (2005) and 10,000 appliances in 150 homes (2010), were measured, recorded and analysed. Concurrently to the standby survey, Jack undertook Australia’s first residential lighting survey, with 150 homes and 7,000 lights documented and analysed. He was also the primary author of all three reports which are available in www.energyrating.gov.au.

Through 2010 and 2011, Jack performed a key role in the E3 Residential End-use Monitoring Project (REMP). He was responsible for the trialling metering equipment, the initial scoping of houses, the installation and decommissioning of equipment in the 5 pilot REMP homes, the ongoing maintenance of all equipment, the creation of an extensive technician’ manual, and liaison with all stakeholders. Information on the project can be found at www.energyrating.gov.au.

Through 2007 and 2008, he performed a central role in the research, analysis, writing, liaison and completion of two Cost Benefit Analysis’s and subsequent Regulatory Impact Statements (consultation and decision), for the Australian and New Zealand air conditioner and refrigerator and freezer markets. The reports can be found at www.energyrating.gov.au.

During his time at EES, Jack has attended and presented at numerous conferences, forums, workshops and stakeholder meetings. He has extensive computer based skills in the use of spreadsheet and database software. He also has practical experience in the use of statistical, data validation and survey analysis methods.

Selected Studies, Reports and Papers:

Note: this list outlines the studies/reports/papers that Jack has been responsible for, taken a major role in, or worked on as a primary author. There are many other projects that Jack has worked on for EES in a more minor capacity.

Brief Employment History

August 2004 – Present – Energy Efficient Strategies (full time): Provides project management, analytical support, research and report writing, data validation, field surveys and measurements, compilation of results and analysis.

March – July 2004 – BFP Consultants; Mining and Geotechnical Consultants (full time): Geotechnical Consultant; involving soils classification and testing, onsite supervision and representation, report writing and data compilation.

2001-2004 – Self Employed – Computer and Market Research business: Contracts for Baw Baw Shire, DNRE Victoria, Organic Federation of Australia, Edith Cowan University. Tasks included; Phone and onsite surveys, creation of workable databases and spreadsheets, personnel and management liaison, writing of final reports and recommendations.