Lloyd Harrington was a panel leader on the inaugural Australian Alliance To Save Energy (A2SE) Summer Study held in Sydney in February 2012.

Lloyd Harrington has been Chair of IEC TC59 Working Group 9 on Standby Power since its formation in 2001. He has also been the Australian chief delegate to IEC committees on clothes washers, clothes dryers and dishwashers since 1994. He is also an Australian delegate to IEC TC59 WG12 for refrigerators. EES is responsible for coordination of Australian input into IEC and ISO International Standards committees for appliances, commercial & industrial equipment, for the Department of the Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts and E3, ongoing since 1994.

Review of NABHERS web based consumer information tool – review of input data sources for the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, early 2008.

Peak Performance Indicators – peer review of a discussion paper for Energy SA, late 2007.

Keynote speaker at a North American Energy Working Group Conference on standby power in Mexico in September 2007.

Keynote speaker at a joint French/German government workshop on standby power in Germany in May 2007.

Robert Foster participated in the IEA forum on Standards and Labelling in Bangalore, India in October 2004 presenting the paper "Managing national test laboratories in support of a standards and labelling program".

Technical and policy support for the Indian government and appliance industry in the development of an energy labelling program for appliances in India, for USAID, through 1998 and 1999, Further work was undertaken in 2004 to assist in the finalisation of the energy labelling proposal for refrigerators and air conditioners.

Lloyd Harrington was a panel leader on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study held in Asilomar in August 2004.

Provision of advice and information to the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute and the Korean Energy Management Corporation on standby power, November 2003.

Key technical adviser to Australian Greenhouse Office and E3 during 1999/2000 in the negotiations which finalised new energy efficiency standards for refrigerators and freezers in Australia for 2005.

Life cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission estimates and projections for Queensland building and construction and associated industry sectors (including embodied energy analysis for buildings), for the Built Environment Research Unit, Building Division, Public Works Department, Queensland, completed early 2000.

Study of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the South Australian residential building sector, for the Office of Energy Policy, South Australia, 1999.

Technical adviser to Department Science Industry and Resources on issues related to the APEC Steering Group on Energy Standards (primarily related to international standards harmonisation and laboratory accreditation for performance and energy testing in Asia-Pacific) from 1997 to 2000.

Review of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Energy Labelling in the Pacific, to examine the potential and cost effectiveness of appliance labelling and standards in Pacific Island Nations, for the Forum Secretariat and the United Nations Development Program on behalf of the Pacific Island Nations (with George Wilkenfeld & Associates), completed 1996.

Compilation of Residential sector appliance ownership, energy end use and weather data for International Energy Agency Energy Indicators Project, for DPIE, 1997.

An analysis of the energy and greenhouse emission impacts of European and US energy efficiency standards on residential refrigerators and freezers in the Australian and New Zealand appliance markets to 2020, for the OECD Environment Directorate, 1996.

Review of the Status of Energy Efficiency Standards and Energy Labelling for Household Appliances in Europe for the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector, Victoria, 1994.

Review of the Status of Energy Efficiency Standards and Energy Labelling for Office Equipment in Europe for Department Primary Industries and Energy, 1994.

Electricity Future of the ACT - for ACT Electricity and Water Authority, developed a public discussion paper to encourage community input into the development of a long term strategy for the supply of electricity in the ACT (with George Wilkenfeld & Associates), 1995.

Energy End Use Database Feasibility Study for Australia - for South Australian Office of Energy (on behalf of ANZMEC): to develop data collection strategies within residential, commercial, industrial and transport sectors to track energy efficiency trends in Australia (with Australian Bureau of Statistics and others), 1994.

Domestic Appliance Study of Energy Efficiency Improvement Potential - for Queensland Electricity Commission: to develop a residential end use load forecasting model for each Electricity Board and Queensland as a whole to assess the energy and demand impacts of energy efficient appliances to 2010 (with George Wilkenfeld & Associates), 1995.

Water Efficiency Labelling - Melbourne Water: revision, development and reactivation of national appliance water efficiency program, 1994.