Robert Harrington

Rob Harrington is an analyst with EES. He completed a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne with honours in 2009. He has worked part time with EES since 2004 and full time since late 2009.

Rob has undertaken a wide range of tasks with EES including: data analysis, data validation, field data collection, database setup and development of software. Rob has assisted with the data analysis for report Greening Whitegoods over many years (available from www.energyrating.gov.au). Rob, with Jack Brown, did all the field work for the recently completed audit of standby and lighting in 150 homes in Eastern Australia. Rob was deeply involved with the E3 REMP pilot project and assisted in the installation of all equipment. He has set up a database to store and analyse all of the end use data from the REMP project. He has developed a range of specialised software to analyse end use data collected from households. Rob undertook the data analysis to support the E3 proposal for an expansion of the REMP project. Rob recently completed an analysis that examined lighting audit data and REMP end use data for lighting in the 5 REMP pilot homes and has developed an end use lighting model that estimates annual lighting energy consumption from audit data.

Rob undertook an analysis of changes in television efficiency since mandatory registration began in 2009. This report tracks changes in new product registrations to mid 2011 and examines changes in size and efficiency. See http://www.energyrating.gov.au/resources/program-publications/?viewPublicationID=2138

Rob has provided extensive support for the data analysis of test laboratory data and field data for household refrigerators and freezers. This analysis work has been used to support E3 programs and to assist in the development of the new IEC global test method for household refrigeration.

Rob has extensive computer based skills in the use of spreadsheet, database software and programming skills. He also has extensive experience in a range of software to support website development. He has a high level of programming expertise in Java, PHP, MySQL, Webite Design, Linux, Open Source.

Brief Employment History

December 2004 - 2009: Part time Data Analyst, Programmer and Website Designer for Energy Efficient Strategies

December 2009 - date: Full time Analyst and Programmer for Energy Efficient Strategies.

Academic Achievement

Rob is currently undertaking a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne, with a focus on energy and sustainability.

Non Academic Interests

Society & Environment: Sustainability, Community, Permaculture, etc.
Outdoor Recreation: Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Skiing
Music: Violin (AMEB Grade 4), Piano, Guitar
Photography: Composition and Editing
Sport: Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball